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Wellness Kit: Gut Health

Wellness Kit: Gut Health

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    6 different gut microbiome scores to understand your dog's health

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    Complimentary 1-on-1 consultation with the founding team

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    Wellness report for dogs of all ages

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    Take a small pea-sized scoop of your dog's poop.

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    Complete your survey and mail your sample to our lab in their prepaid envelopes.

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    Get Real Results

    Receive your report in 2-3 weeks via email. We'll notify you at every step of the way.



Treat Therapeutics is fuelling a scientific revolution for pet health - with Southeast Asia's first ever dog gut microbiome testing kit.

Does your dog suffer from food fussiness? Allergies? Gut issues? Guess what- it all starts in the gut.

In exchange for one small fecal sample, you receive novel insights on your dog's health, currently unavailable anywhere else in the region.

Learn about their ability to digest certain nutrients, what supplements they are missing, and exactly what next steps you should be trying on your journey to a happier, healthier doggo.

Join the pack - dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes welcome 🐕 🐩 🐕‍

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Product Specifications

Contents: 1 x Test Tube, 1 x mailing envelope (postage paid), instruction kit, stickers, ziploc, digital wellness report.